After the creation of the new state, the organization of Chief Revenue Commissioner was established in the revenue department.  On May 11th , 2012, to make this organization more efficient and dynamic, Board Of Revenue was created in place of the organization of Chief Revenue Commissioner. The Chairman, Board Of Revenue works as the H.O.D. for the personnel’s of revenue department e.g. Revenue Sub Inspector / Lekhapal, Revenue Inspector, Ragistrar Kanoongo, Ministerial staff, Collection staff, Administrative officers/Senior Administrative officers from Tehsils and districts, Naib tehsildar and Tehsildar.

The Board Of Revenue is the highest judicial body of the revenue department. It’s headquarter is situated in Dehradun, the state capital. There are two circuit courts under the Board. One is held in Pauri and another in Nainital. Hearing of the cases from hill districts of Garhwal division, is conducted in circuit court Pauri while the cases from Kumaun division,   are disposed of in the circuit court Nainital. Revenue cases from districts Dehradun and Haridwar are dealt with at the headquarter.