Bhu Abhilekh


Computerization of Land Records


The scheme of Computerization of land records was launched by the Ministry of rural development, Govt. of India, as a wholly centrally funded scheme in 1994-95.

After the creation of the state of uttarakhand, the work of computerization of land records was done by the N.I.C. at the collectorate level in all the thirteen districts. Now this work of computerization has been completed by the N.I.C.

In the second step the computerization of land records has also been completed at Tehsil level in all the districts. Under this program the works of, establishment of Data centre at the district headquarters, monitoring centre at the state level and of imparting Training to the personnel, have also been completed so far.

At present ‘khatoni’s have been computerized in all the Tehsils and copies are being issued from the Tehsil as a legal document. This is being publicised too.

A committee is constituted to look after the account of the income through sale of the copies of khatoni.

DILRMP: -    After discontinuing all the earlier schemes/program of computerization and modernization of land records, the Govt. of India has started a new scheme of National Land Record Modernization Program (NLRMP). This scheme envisages the preparation of error free digitized land records to make it available for the common public.

Programme has been renamed as Digital India Land Record Modernization Programme (DILRMP) 100% funding central Government, Department of Land resources.

Apart from this, the process of registration and mutation of the properties. is to be completely computerized under this program.

The main objective of this program is to render the data of land records error free to the extent that the buyer gets the ownership of the property simultaneously with the registration of the sale deed.  

The process is in progress to implement the scheme very soon.