The Aims and objectives of the Board Of Revenue

  • The main aim of the Board of Revenue is to control, regulate and upgrade all the judicial and administrative work of the revenue department The Board always strives to impart quality to the work culture of the revenue department by regular supervision and analysis.
  • The Board of Revenue is the highest judicial body of the revenue department. It’s headquarter is situated in Dehradun, the state capital. There are two circuit courts under the Board. One is held in Pauri and another in Nainital. Hearing of the cases from hill districts of Garhwal division, is conducted in circuit court Pauri while the cases from Kumaun division,   are disposed of in the circuit court Nainital.

        Revenue cases from districts Dehradun and Haridwar are dealt with at the headquarter.

  • The responsibility to control and regulate all the administrative work judicial work and the work related to the collection of revenue lies on the Board Of Revenue.
  • The Chairman, Board Of Revenue works as the H.O.D. for the personnel’s of revenue department e.g. Revenue Sub Inspector / Lekhapal, Revenue Inspector, Ragistrar Kanoongo, Ministerial staff, Collection staff, Administrative officers/Senior Administrative officers from Tehsils and districts, Naib tehsildar and Tehsildar.
  • Chairman, Board of Revenue has been nominated as Chief Convener of the Revenue Police. In this capacity, he regularly supervises and analyses the work of the Revenue police personnels.
  • The section of ‘Agriculture census and statistics’ has been established under the Board of Revenue. In this section the datas , related to the size of holding of the farmer, number of farmers on basis of cast and sex,  average size of the holding, number of the crops, area covered by the different crops, irrigated and unirrigated area, seeds, fertilizers and  instruments used, are collected with the help of  revenue staff.

        This data is used by the state and centre government to make different schemes and policies.

  •    The power, to control and regulate the work of consolidation is vested in the Board of Revenue. The Chairman,  Board of Revenue is the Head of Department of all the personnel’s of consolidation and acts as ‘commissioner consolidation’ according to the provisions of Consolidation Act.
  •    All the works related to record operation and settlement is done under the supervision of Board of Revenue.
  •    National Land Record Modernization  Programme has been initiated under the administrative control of the Board  of Revenue This scheme, being financed by the government of India, envisages digitization of  all  the revenue record i.e. Khatauni, khasra, map etc. including  record prepared after resurvey, to compile an error free data base of the complete land record.
  •    The Board aims at disposing of the complaints received form the public, giving them relief and punishing the erring officers/staff to provide clean, effective and disciplined administration to the general public.
  •   All kinds of suggestions and opinions from different sections of the public and the media are always welcome in the Board, in its sincere efforts, to make it more and more effective.